DigitalPersona U.are.U  fingerprint readers, modules and keyboards use the latest in fingerprint authentication and security hardware technology and support a wide range of business and developer applications.

● Point of Sale (Retail and Restaurant)
● Healthcare & Pharmacy services
● State and Local Government
● Health Club membership access
● Childcare Security Applications
● Civil ID/Voting
● Digital Identity
● Inventory Control
● Library Management Systems
● Time and Attendance
● Law Enforcement
● Finance and Banking account access
● Civil ID/Voting
● Manufacturing
● Membership ID
● Secure Data Storage Card Applications
● Internet Transaction Authentication
● Secure Messaging Applications
U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader

The U.are.U 4500 fingerprint reader is a USB device, built on the latest optical fingerprint reader technology. Its compact and attractive design conserves desk space in enterprises, its professional modern appearance looks elegant in point-of-service environments, and its ability to read a fingerprint from any angle makes it ideal for applications where users share PCs

U.are.U 4500 SC Fingerprint Module

Allows developers to physically integrate a fingerprint reader into custom hardware. The U.are.U 4500 fingerprint Module is designed for integration into OEM equipment where fingerprint authentication is needed. 

U.are.U 5300 Fingerprint Reader

The UareU 5300 is a compact optical reader. The reader is designed to meet the high volume requirements of large scale Civil ID and commercial enrollment and authentication applications. The reader is well suited for harsh enviroments