U.are.U 5160 Fingerprint Reader

PIV Certified Fingerprint Sensor, Ideal for Commercial or Civil ID Desktop Applications. The touch-style U.are.U 5160 Fingerprint Reader is a PIV-certified, optical fingerprint sensor designed to serve as a USB peripheral.

U.are.U 5100 Fingerprint Module

Low-Power Fingerprint Sensor, Ideal for Mobile Devices The touch-style U.are.U 5100 Fingerprint Module is a PIV-certified, optical fingerprint sensor specifically tailored to fit the unique form-factor, power, usability and durability requirements of mobile devices.

U.are.U 4500 SC and HD Fingerprint Reader

The U.are.U 4500 Reader is a USB fingerprint reader featuring an elegant, sleek design with a soft, cool blue glow and, of course, the unsurpassed performance DigitalPersona is known for.

U.are.U 4500 SC and HD Fingerprint Module

The U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Module is a small form-factor fingerprint reader designed for integration into OEM equipment where fingerprint authentication is needed.

Enterprise Solutions

DigitalPersona® Pro Enterprise
Multi-Factor Authentication and Access Management Administered via Active Directory

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise
DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise version 5.4 is a strong, multi-factor authentication and access management system administered via Active Directory. It secures user access to data, applications, computers and networks in industries such as healthcare, financial services and government. DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise gives organizations a cost-effective way to increase security and simplify compliance.

  • Strong, Multi-Factor Authentication Mix and match authentication credentials (passwords, biometrics, cards, phones, OTP, etc.) for both Windows and applications to reliably know who’s doing what.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)Reduce the exploding costs and burdens of complying with new password mandates. Retain control of access with optional secondary authentication.
  • Access control for cloud and enterprise apps Hide passwords from users to prevent access to business data fromuncontrolled devices.
  • Emergency access recovery Prevent lockouts when credentials are lost, stolen or forgotten (IT-assisted and self-service).
  • No changes to existing applications Add strong authentication and SSO on top of your existing applications in minutes.
  • Central Management of notebooks, desktops, kiosks Control access to individual PCs, shared-user workstations, applications and networks from a common console.
  • Integration with Active Directory group policies Create, deploy and monitor security policies for your domain accounts and organizations using familiar AD Group Policies and tools.
  • Reporting Ability to generate, view and schedule activity and status reports for users and applications from a centralized location.
  • Workflow authentication inside custom apps Build strong authentication into custom applications with an easy-to-use SDK.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise makes it practical and cost-effective to use multi-factor authentication to secure access to enterprise applications from notebooks, desktops and “kiosk-style” shared workstations. It takes advantage of your Active Directory infrastructure for high scalability and fault tolerance without requiring any special server hardware. Using familiar Group Policy tools, DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise lets you quickly create, deploy, enforce and monitor security policies across your domain.

Multi-Factor Security that’s Flexible

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise enables strong, multi-factor security to be tailored to the needs of different groups of users. You can mix and match authentication credentials to follow industry best practices for combining something users know (password, PIN or OTP), something they are (fingerprint, face) and something they have (smart card, contactless card, proximity card or Bluetooth phone).

Extensible Platform

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise provides a powerful, consistent platform for securing access to applications throughout your business. With it, you can add strong authentication on top of password-based applications as needed, without having to modify the apps. With DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise, you can address today’s pressing needs and seamlessly scale up to handle more users and more applications as your requirements grow.

Please click HERE to download the Data sheet for Pro Enterprise 5.4

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